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Asking someone for help is one of the most powerful decisions you can make, so I consider it a privilege to guide you along this path of self-discovery. I work with clients in a supportive, compassionate, and nurturing way, helping them identify strengths and define goals through a process of active listening, deep empathy, non-judgment and acceptance.


I work in an eclectic yet integrative manner utilizing many different modalities depending upon the client’s needs and what they would most benefit from. I draw from neuroscience, research, and best clinical practices to carefully determine the right approach for each client. 

Therapy is a journey that helps disrupt patterns of behavior and thinking that are no longer working for us; allows us to develop a stronger muscle for self-acceptance and compassion; gives us a deeper understanding of self-awareness and our relationship to others; and ultimately connects us to our true essence.


I work with adults, couples and families.


(323) 580-4686

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